Package spiglet.translate.graph

Class Summary
FlowGraph<T> This class represents an abstract control flow graph.
Graph This abstract class defines the public API and default implementation of the primitive functions of both types of graphs (control flow and interference graphs) we are going to use in this module.
InterferenceGraph<T> This class represents an interference graph.
LinearScanAlloc<T,R> This class uses the information gathered in a liveness analysis of a control flow graph to allocate variables to registers.
Liveness<T> This class represents a liveness analyzer of a control flow graph.
Node This class represents a node that belongs to a Graph.
RegisterAlloc<T,R> This abstract class specifies the interface to analyze an interference graph and the metadata of the variables contained therein to allocate those variables to a pool of registers.
SpigletFlowGraph This class represents the (finally) concrete control flow graph of a Spiglet thread of execution.